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Website for displaced persons from Ukraine

The Federal Government website is a central and reliable source of information to help displaced persons from Ukraine get off to a good start in Germany. The website offers informati- on, help and services in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German. It brings together useful information for entering and getting oriented in Germany and provides an overview of what assistance is available. More services are planned.

Basic information

The website “Germany4Ukraine” offers displaced persons from Ukraine reliable, up-to-date information about entering Germany, registering with the authorities and staying here. It guides them through the arrival process step by step and clearly explains their options during the different phases of their stay. It also provides information about housing, health and social services, and onward travel to other countries.


The section on services is still under construction. It will soon include links to services provided by the health, social welfare and foreigners authorities. The website is continually being expanded to include additional services, as agreed with the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Employment Agency and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, among others.

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